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I have tried to put my blog’s name on all the pictures as I have learned my lesson(After knowing that some other websites have been using my food pictures and claiming as their’s).

Semiya kheer is first dessert I had learned in my life. Till now , it is my favourite dessert because it is quick, simple and no non-sense dessert. You can prepare it any time and enjoy it with your family!

Semiyan kheer!

Serves 4 person


1 cup seviya (I used MTR semiya or bombino can be used)

21/2 cup milk (skimmed)

11/2 water

1/2 cup sugar (add sugar as per your taste)

4-6 cardamom pods(elaichi)

6 cashewnuts, 6 almonds, 8-10 raisins, 6 pistachios

11/2 tbsp ghee(indian clarified butter)

1/4 tsp or few strands of saffron

Semiyan kheer!


  • Take a deep vessel and heat ghee in it. Keep the heat to minimum. Fry the nuts and raisins one by one and keep aside. Now add seviya or semiya to ghee. Fry it till it is golden brown. Take care of not burning anything.

semiyan kheer


  • Heat 21/2 cups of milk and 11/2 togather in separate vessel. Dissolve saffron in 2 tsp warm milk and put it in milk for kheer. Bring it to boil. Add it to semiyan. Add sugar, cardamom and stir well. Bring it to boil but keep stirring. Allow it boil for 1 minute. Put off the heat.
  • Allow the kheer to cool down for atleast 20 minutes. You will see that seviyan will swell a bit and will absorb the milk. Add milk if required.
  • Add nuts just before serving and remember to serve warm kheer! Enjoy.

Semiyan kheer!