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lemon rice is tangy and spicy dish. It is prepared almost on every festival in southern part of India. Less number of ingredients makes it simple and easy. Every family has their own recipe of lemon rice but I am sure ingredients would not change at all.

Lemon rice

Serves 2 persons


1 bowl of rice

handful of roasted peanuts(unsalted)

1/2 tsp split bengal gram (chana dal)

1/2 tsp split white gram (urad dal)

3/4 tsp mustard seeds+ cumin seeds

3 green chillies

1 dry red chilly

7-8 curry leaves

1/4 tsp turmeric powder( haldi)

1tbsp fresh and chopped cilantro( coriander leaves)

2tbsp lemon juice or 1 lemon


1 tbsp oil

Lemon rice


  • Rinse and drain rice. Then cook rice in 2 bowls of water.(Use 2 portions of water for 1 portion of rice.
  • Grind green chillies along with a pinch of salt to paste.
  • Allow the cooked rice to cool down and add lemon juice and chopped coriander leaves. I would advice you to mix rice carefully without breaking grains.

Lemon rice

  • Take a wide pan, put oil and allow it to heat. Add both the gram(chana dal and urad dal),after like 10 sec add mustard+cumin seeds. Allow it to splutter. Add curry leaves , green chilly paste salt required for rice. Fry it properly for a minute. Add red chilly and turmeric powder. Put off the heat and allow it cool for 3-4 minutes.

lemon rice

  • Now mix this chilly mixture with rice carefully. Add roasted peanuts.

lemon rice

lemon rice

please note:

  • Basmati rice can be used instead of normal rice for flavour.
  • Do not mix lemon juice to very hot steaming rice as it may give sour taste after some time.
  • Cashew nuts can be added as per your preference.
  • You can use fried peanuts instead of roasted ones.