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It’s good to care about your skin as much your health and body. Your skin talks a lot about your health. Creams and lotions work only externally. Have good food for that glow on your face naturally. Beet root, carrot and tomato works best for your skin. This juice was actually recommended by my doctor friend just before a month of my wedding! It worked for me. It has too many health benefits like lowering your bad cholesterol, improving digestion, detoxifying your body and healthy hair too!

Detox and beauty drink: beet-carrot-tomato juice

Serves two glasses


1 big beet-root(cut in big chunks )

1 big carrot(cut in big chunks)

1 tomato(remove seeds)

1 cup water-melon pieces

9-10 mint leaves

1/2 inch ginger

11/2 tsp lime juice



1/2 dry mango powder(aamchur)

1 tsp honey

11/4 glass water

Detox and beauty drink: beet-carrot-tomato juice


  • Boil beet-root and carrot pieces in water for 6-7 minutes.
  •  Now put all the ingredients in the juicer and grind it till you get fine juice. Filter if you want. my advice ,do not filter it. Fiber is good for you.

into the juicer

  • Garnish it with lime and fresh mint leaves.

Detox and beauty drink: beet-carrot-tomato juice