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I am not fond of eggplant. I have never prepare anything with eggplant. Last year, I watched an episode of Indian Masterchef in which they showed eggplant rolls with meat filling. Loved the idea. I took almost an year to bring eggplant into my kitchen! Am not very proud of it as am not a fussy eater! I loved these rolls and think you guys might like it too!

Sweet corn with spinach is great combo and with tangy tomato mint chutney is just perfect for me!

Long preparation time makes me go crazy. But the result was yummy yummy!

Eggplant rolls with spinach and corn and fresh tomato mint chutney

Serves 8 rolls


For eggplant rolls

1 large eggplant (Bharta baigan)

1 bowl spinach leaves(washed and blanched)

1 cup sweetcorn kernels(boiled)

6 Garlic cloves

1/2 inch ginger


1/2 tsp pepper

1 or 2 green chilly

2-3 tbsp cheese (cheedar or mozrella)

2-3 tbsp bread crumbs

21/2 tsp oil

Eggplant rolls with spinach and corn and fresh tomato mint chutney

For tomato mint chutney

3 big ripe tomatoes(chopped)

1/2 cup mint leaves

3-4 basil leaves

7-8 garlic cloves(grated)


1 tsp sugar

1 tbsp tomato ketchup

1/2 tsp red chilly powder

1/2 tsp coriander powder

1/2 tsp pepper

1 tbsp oil


For eggplant rolls

  • Cut eggplant length-wise into strips. Sprinkle generous amount of salt on eggplant and let it be for 20-25 minutes.( to ensure the bitterness is removed)

Eggplant strips

  • Blanch spinach By just dipping in boiling salty water for 3 minutes . Rinse spinach in cold water. Coarsely grind the boiled sweetcorn kernels with ginger garlic and chilly
  • For preparing filling, mix spinach and sweetcorn mixture with little salt and pepper(1/2 tsp). Mix bread crumbs in it.(just absorb excess water)

spinach and corn filling

  • Now, dip eggplant strips in clean water and pat dry. In a pan, Put 11/2 tsp oil in pan, and pan fry the eggplant trips. It took 5 minutes on each side and drain it on tissue paper.

pan-fry eggplant

  • In each strip of eggplant, spread a layer of cheese first and then put a spoonful of spinach filling and roll it out carefully. Likewise , prepare all. Arrange all in a microwave dish.

prepare rolls

For tomato mint chutney

  • In a sauce pan, heat oil. Put grated garlic and mint leaves and basil. Fry for about a minute. Add tomatoes and sugar. Allow it cook for next 5 minute. Put chilly powder, coriander powder ,salt and pepper . Cook for 5 more minutes. Add ketchup and mix. It is a chunky tomato chutney. You will actually bite the tomatoes in it.
  • I had some thyme in my refrigerator which i have used in this chutney. You can use it if you want.
  • Serve with eggplant rolls.

Pour the chutney over rolls and sprinkle cheese and heat in a microwave till just the cheese melts.Serve hot.