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Thanks for little surprise from  gujaratifoodmadeeasy who gave me this award. I cherish the memories of my school days in Gujarat and that yummy gujarati food. This was the reason I came across your blog. I love your words on indian food “If made properly, it can be easy, more delicious and nutritious than ever imagined, thereby forever eliminating the myth that Indian food is too greasy, spicy and the biggest myth of all, made primarily with curry powder! Urgh!”

Here goes the rules of this award,


  • Pay credit to the one who nominated you.
  • Place a link to the one who nominated you on your award page.
  • Using the anagram of the word ‘FAMILY’. tell us the attributes you bring to the family of bloggers.
  • Nominate at least 4 other people to be in your family of bloggers and notify them of their nomination.

And award goes to: