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Desserts are not my favourite part of meal! But I have a weakness for lauki halwa. Lauki is called with different names according to places like dudhi, bottle gourd ,sorkai etc. Simplest of all, there is no rocket science in preparing this halwa. Priority is to get tender bottle gourd which is available throughout rainy season. So Use seasonal veggies to your advantage. Get ready to prepare the dessert within minutes and surprise all.

I love this dessert for its simplicity and delicious flavour!

Lauki Halwa – Bottle gourd Halwa

Serves 4 persons


2 bowls(500 g) of grated Lauki (bottle gourd)

3 tbsp ghee(clarified butter)

4 cardamom pods

3/4 bowl sugar( use sugar according to your taste)

1 bowl milk or 1/4 cup khoya*(see the note)

Cashewnuts, raisins, almonds for garnish

lauki halwa


Heat ghee in non-stick pan. Fry all the nuts and raisins to golden brown one by one. you can this step if you do not want to fry nuts.

Remove nuts and keep aside. Now in same pan, add grated lauki(bottle gourd) .Fry for 6-7 mins on medium flame or till bottlegourd is tender but still you can bite it!

Add milk(khoya) and cardamom  and cook for another 10 minutes or till it is tender. Add sugar and cook for a minute. Taste it for proper sweetness. Make sure halwa has absorbed milk to form flaky texture.

Garnish with nuts and serve hot

Note: Khoya is thickened milk or condensed milk prepared from whole milk which is quite similar to ricotta cheese but lower in moisture and prepared from milk. Khoya is used in indian desserts to enhance the taste and increase the richness.

Lauki halwa