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India has many things to offer, many rich cultures, many( i literally mean ‘many’) types of vegetables and fruits.
Each and every place has something different to offer in terms of food, culture, weather, people. But how many people adapt food when they live in different place from their own? How many people try out different veggies & fruits that they get out there in market? how many people eat veggies according to seasons?

Having the local and seasonal fruits and veggies have their own list of amazing perks!

You save hell loads of money! Most Seasonal fruits & veggies are cheaper than others. Sweetcorn, baby carrots, beetroots,bottle gourd, ridge gourd are quite cheaper than in other seasons.

Seasonal veggies has the advantage of our bodies receiving the nutrients we need at a particular time, for none of us is truly aware of the subtle changes that take place within that necessitates an adjustment in our intake of food.Fruits and vegetables will not only be cheaper but also at their flavour and nutritional peaks. The larger benefit of buying seasonal is the good it does the environment.

Most of non-seasonal veggies and fruits are grown with the preservatives like di-phosphides, sulphides and formic acids which actually results in loosing the nutrients.(Makes all sense for me!). Buying non-seasonal also means a hit on your pocket.

Be smart in buying and eating your veggies. Try all new and seasonal and local veggies without hesitation! This may do more good to you!

This does not mean you should stop eating other veggies. Make an effort and try to include most of veggies and fruits you get in market at that particular time!