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There is no better bet than eggs for quick, easy & tasty breakfast! and who don’t want cheese omelette ! Its is delicious, yummy , mindblowing… I can use all adjectives in the world to describe the classic tomato cheese omelette. I just cant do without it for the breakfast!

If you have 10 minutes , spare it for not only preparing it but having it tooo! It just do not take time!


Feeds 2 persons

4 eggs

1large tomato(finely chopped)

1 small green pepper (chopped)

4 tbsp cold milk

1 tsp crushed peppercorns

1/2 tsp chilly flakes


chopped coriander or cilantro

2 tsp butter

3 tbsp grated mild cheedar cheese


Break two eggs in a bowl. Add two tbsp cold milk and little salt and pepper. Beat the eggs. Now add half of chopped tomatoes and green bell pepper to the bowl and mix it.

Heat the non-stick pan. Grease with butter. Pour the beaten eggs and allow to spread. Sprinkle chilly flakes and coriander. wait for about a minute.

Carefully turn over the omellete so that another side of it is cooked properly. Wait for a half minute. Turn again very carefully. Sprinkle cheese. It will take only few seconds to melt the cheese. Just slide the omellete from pan to serving plate very carefully.

Reapeat the process for one more serving.