Everyone has their own version of fried rice. But this one,  i have prepared is from left-over rice! I am not a fan of fried rice, but its too quick and easy to avoid! You will definitely feel it is tasty if you are hungry. For all those hungry souls in hurry( like me) , just try this!

please do remember, add your choice of veggies. I did not get  green beans in my kitchen so i did not use it. You can add spring onions, potato, pineapple, seet corns, babycorns, cashewnuts, cheery tomatoes, red or yellow peppers and list goes on! Try your imagination and put it on your plate!


Simple veg fried rice

feeds 2 persons

1 bowl cooked rice

1 small onion

1 small carrot (cut into cubes and boiled)

1 green bell pepper

1/4 cup boiled peas

1/4 cup boiled beans

5-6 florets of boiled cauliflower

1 small tomato (cut into cubes)

5-6 cubes of paneer(cottage cheese)

3-4 green chilles( long and slited)

1 tbsp raisins

5 finely chopped garlic cloves

1 Tbsp chopped ginger

1 tsp soy sauce

1/2 tsp crushed peppercorns

1/2 tsp jeera (cumin) powder

1/2 tsp garam masala


2 tbsp oil


Simple veg fried rice

Arrange all the vegetables so that you can keep them handy.

If you are using left over rice, gently give a mix to rice with hand so that each grain is separate enough to get mixed in pan.

Take a non stick pan and heat oil. Put chopped garlic and ginger. Saute it for a minute. Increase heat and add chillies,raisins,onions and green peppers. Put little salt. Saute it on high flame for about a minute.

Add cumin powder, garam masala, soy sauce and salt. You can vinegar if u want. mix well. Add tomatoes and other vegetables and paneer. Cook for a minute on high flame.

Add rice and mix well. Cook for minute on high flame. Serve hot.