Dosa batter is basically mixture of urad dal and rice. But this widely liked pancake has different forms like crisp dosa, soft dosa , spongy one and list goes on ! In any south-indian kitchen ,this rice-lentil pancake is prepared quite often and with certain ratio of rice and lentil.  I follow religiously my mom’s recipe. I would not like to change a thing in it. Its super easy and super delicious!


Things to remember:

  • Never use very old urad dal. you may not get desired dosas.
  • The pan used to prepare dosa should not be a brand new non-stick. If you want to use a new non stick, prepare rotis for initial 7-10 days and then start using it for dosas.
  • Dont use basmati rice for dosa. You can normal rice or brown rice.


3 Cups of rice

1 Cup pf urad dal

2 tsp fenugreek seeds( methi seeds)

salt as required

  • Wash rice and dal  properly and soak in sufficient water for about 3 to 4 hours with fenugreek seeds.
  • After 4 hours, drain all the water. grind the rice mixture to fine but thick batter using water as required.
  • If you want soft dosa , add 3/4 cup of boiled rice while grinding.
  • If you want crisp dosa, add 3/4 cup of poha( flattened rice) while grinding.
  • Allow the batter to perment overnight during summer.
  • During winter, permentation process needs more time. It is better to grind in afternoon and keep it till next day morning.
  • During monsoon, grind it in evening.
  • After keeping it overnight, just check if batter raised considerably. If it is raised, batter is permented and ready for dosas. If it is not raised, dont worry, just wait for more time.
  • Add salt just before you want to prepare dosa. mix the batter thoroughly.
  • Take pan , heat it. grease it with little oil, pour a cup of batter and spread it in circular motion to form thin layer.( crisp dosa)
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  • Increase heat and sprinkle few drops of oil over it .
  • wait till browning of dosa starts. roll the dosa and serve it with chutney.



The remaining batter can be kept in refrigertor for maximum 2 more days. when you use batter from refrigerator, make sure the batter should be at room temperature i..e remove batter before 2-3 hrs.

Never refrigerate unpermented batter. It will stop permented process. So once batter is permented then only store in refrigerator.

When you try this process once, you will get the exact time required for permentation in your house.

Keep the batter in warm place in kitchen like oven during winters.

Use wide and big vessel when you keep batter overnight so that raised batter do not fall out of vessel.

when packing dosas for lunch or breakfast, prepare soft dosas instead of crisp ones.